Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ad declines continue in 3rd quarter; Internet advertising up a bit

TNS Media Intelligence released its number for the third quarter, and while the picture remains gloomy, Internet display advertising at least grew.

You can find the report here, but the highlights (or lowlights) are below the fold:

  • All Segments: -14.7%
  • Newspapers: -22.8%
  • Magazines: consumer -18.7%; trade -27.6%
  • Television: network -11.5%; cable -2.9%
  • Radio: -22.8%
  • FSIs: +3.9%
  • Internet (display only): +7.0%

If nothing else, this report shows that those industries struggling to adapt are the hardest hit in this recession -- but everyone is hurting.

Note: Google reported their 3rd quarter numbers were up seven percent, in line with the Internet display advertising increase reported above.

Question: if we can assume that all advertising is down around 15 to 20 percent (assuming a small increase in volume in good times) then does that mean that if the economy were doing well newspaper advertising would still be down 5 to 10 percent, and trade magazines down 10 to 15 percent?