Thursday, December 10, 2009

UStream brings video streaming to the iPhone

Trade publishers often ask more than is humanly possible from their editors -- editing more than one magazine; writing, editing and blogging; photography and design; podcasts and video podcasts -- now publishers can ask their editors to be broadcasters, as well. Good grief, is there still time to add this to the 2010 budget?

Here is one way to do it: give your editor a new iPhone and have then download the Ustream mobile app from the iTunes app store (iTunes link). They will be all set to begin broadcasting their publication's new online TV show.

The whole process took me five minutes from start to finish.

For now, at least, you have to watch the "broadcasts" on a station you create when you sign up for the service. You can also upload the videos to your YouTube page, or download the video as a Flash file for display on your web site. Each video is also given a direct URL for easy viewing.

Is all this practical? I don't know. You can, after all, use a video camera or phone for capturing video at a trade show or other event, encode as Flash or QuickTime, and host on your site now. Why do live video through a phone?  Maybe it's silly . . . but wait, someone will put this to good use and when I find a great example I'll write another post about it.