Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Accessorize your print schedule with a "printer" schedule

Do readers want ads on the articles they print out from your site? I doubt it, but since it is a free service there is no doubt that publishers have the right to monetize those printouts, right?

(This is nothing new: MapQuest and the airlines have been putting ads on their printouts for years. But publishers ... )

Image and video hosting by TinyPicFormat Dynamics released a presser yesterday announcing that Hearst's Good Housekeeping site will be start using their CleanPrint technology to place ads on those, until now, clean printouts readers get when they press the "print" button on the web site. The technology reformats the printed page into a much cleaner and more attractive look, and also places an ad there, as well.

By creating a new class of inventory, CleanPrint provides Hearst’s advertisers with a unique, targeted opportunity to reach their audience long after they log off.
I like the look of the page produced (click picture for enlarged view). My guess is that readers won't mind the ads too much, especially if they don't appear on every page.

My questions include 1) can the reps sell this? and 2) can the ads be contextual, or are they random?

Like all new space, Hearst will have to provide advertisers with some hard numbers concerning the volume of readers an advertiser can expect to reach, and may want to sell it on a pay per-view-basis -- or in this case, pay-per-print (great, a new acronym for PPP).