Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Analysts (insert lawyer joke here)

So the great Khan has spoken and he says that Internet advertising will increase big time in 2010 -- well over 10 percent.

I don't necessarily disagree, but you have to wonder what the big deal is when the man from J.P. Morgan speaks. In this year's report he says that 2009 online advertising was down 5.2 percent . . . but did he mention that his 2009 report predicted a 6.7 percent increase in display advertising and a 12 percent increase in search?

Oh, well. Win some, lose some. In any case, if you are interested here are some slides from the presentation. Other sources are repeating the message, but if you ask me (and you didn't) it's pretty much a duh: does anyone think 2010 will be worse than 2009? No, especially when it comes to online advertising.