Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twitter as classified killer

If you look to the right of this post you will see my Media News Feeds.  I use Feedmingle, but there are other aggregators that will gather up the RSS feeds and combine them into one clean list of stories.

Every once in a while I notice something that I want to follow-up on.  This time it was the headline from We're Hiring Reporters.

Since I don't meet the qualifications of the openings (living in San Francisco or Los Angeles) I wouldn't be interested in the positions -- though it is certainly great to see someone hiring. What caught my attention was that the story which had only just recently been posted already had been retweeted 29 times.

I'm a former classified advertising manager (though the last CAM post I had was in 1988-90) and I was always concerned about the competition coming from the auto traders and real estate tabloids. After I left to become a publisher at McGraw-Hill I could see that the Internet would pose a threat to recruitment advertising. And then came those Super Bowl ads!

But even Monster has to have concerns about the idea that someone could simply post an opening somewhere and before an hour has passed the opening has been retweeted around the world.

This is the essence of social media, and viral marketing: get the word out there in as many ways as possible, preferably free. But this lesson needs to be learned by paid media, as well.  What more do I get when I place an ad with you?  If you also get the word out in other ways that seems like you are providing a service. But if you leave it up to me to do this I may discover that those free methods of marketing may be more valuable to me than the paid media services you provide.