Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Beeb finally gets in the game, releases first iPhone app, will release apps for Android & Blackberry soon

The BBC announced it will finally release its first iPhone applications for news and sports some time in April.  Apps for Android and Blackberry phones will follow soon after, as well as an app for the upcoming World Cup.

"Today's announcement means that we are catching up with our audiences," Erik Huggers told attendees of the Mobile World Congress, being held in Barcelona.

The announcement said the BBC will concentrate on apps for the iPhone, then build apps for other platforms. This is a pattern that may be repeated as new platforms and consortiums are announced, fragmenting the market.

In other news from the Mobile World Congress, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs won the show's Mobile Personality of the Year award, despite the fact that Apple chose not to attend (as did Nokia). Other winners included Apple competitor Research in Motion who won "Best Mobile Enterprise Product or Service" for its BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.  HTC won "Best Mobile Handset or Device" for its Android HTC Hero.