Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CoPress announces it is closing down operations

CoPress, an organization that assists student newspapers "hack the future of journalism" announced it is closing down its operations. CoPress has notified its clients which will require them to take over direct responsibility for third party hosting services.

CoPress helped student newspapers migrate their student newspaper content using the WordPress platform, arranging for online hosting services and offered design and development services. Central Michigan Life, the student newspaper of my alma mater, is a client of CoPress. (I'm hoping to get a comment from them this morning, and will update this story if possible.) Other student newspapers that have worked with CoPress include the independent student newspaper at the University of Georgia and The Quinnipiac Chronicle.

Daniel Bachhuber, executive director, stated the main reason for shutting down is the usual -- lack of revenue -- stating "we’ve struggled with making our business financially viable while at the same time offering prices that reflect an understanding of the financial situation many student news organizations are in."

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Anonymous said...

Sad news. Hopefully someone will step up and keep this going.