Monday, February 1, 2010

David Carr claims the iPad need media deals

Wish I'd said that. Oh yeah, I did.

Enough traffic envy.  Carr should be commended for saying what others are thinking: "... the book industry seems ill-prepared to take advantage of many of the new worlds the iPad opens up. Although five of the top six publishers signed on, there was little indication that they would use some of the muscle the device displays."

Indeed, isn't this the whole problem in a nutshell? The media world wants to continue to monetize its bland offerings while the rest of the world knows they can do better. (Ever read the comments on media sites?  There is not a lot of good will being expressed towards the media world right now.) With the announcement that Amazon has "capitulated" to Macmillan and will raise the price of their e-books to $14.99, publishers in the New Media space are once again getting a black eye -- didn't anyone learn from the RIAA's continued missteps?