Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally: on-demand publishing makes headway

The Computer History Museum (CHM) announced that users will now be able to find and print their publications on-demand using Hewlett Packard's MagCloud service.

"By leveraging MagCloud's print-on-demand platform, the Museum can reach and engage a larger, global community by enabling easy access to high-quality content and providing individuals the ability to order personal printed copies on a one-off basis at an economical price," the Museum wrote in a release.

CHM publications that will be available on-demand include Core Magazine, CHM's annual publication which includes images from the Museum's Collection and articles written by curators, scholars and industry pundits, the Visibile Storage Calendar, and 1401, a commemorative booklet concering the IBM 1401 Data Processing System (1959).

In other on-demand printing news, RPI, a company focused on personalized manufacturing and fulfillment for the consumer print-on-demand market, announced it will implement Xerox Corporation's iGen4(TM) Press into its product lines.

"With the iGen4 presses, we not only increase our flexibility in meeting on-time customer delivery -- we can do it more efficiently and cost-effectively, thanks to the automation and streamlined maintenance. Given our increased order volume produced on tighter timelines for personalized print products, the iGen4 will be instrumental in meeting consumer desires with new products and a shorter time to delivery," said Rick Bellamy, CEO of RPI.