Monday, February 22, 2010

Kia Motors signs up for 45 digital magazine buy with Zinio; first significant sell for ZPAN, Zinio's ad network

Kia Motors announced today that they have purchased a wide reaching advertising campaign for its Sorento CUV, with ads appearing in 45 digital magazines, across 15 publishers. The buy is a first for Zinio's Publisher Advertising Network (ZPAN), Zinio's own network.

"Teaming with digital-publishing pioneer Zinio, this innovative campaign furthers Sorento's tagline – 'a departure from the expected' – by exposing the Kia brand to a wide variety of readers across iconic magazine brands," said Michael Sprague, vice president of marketing, KMA, in a press release. "ZPAN enables Kia Motors to convey Sorento's impressive attributes in a new digital format, generating consumer awareness in fresh, innovative and unexpected ways."
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The release does not specify, of course, whether the program was discounted, or even paid for at all -- a question to be asked with all start-ups and first "sales". Nonetheless, the buy is another demonstration of the fact that publishers are willing to surrender ad sales to new networks established by their third party vendors. The publishers involved in the first sale included Active Interest Media, Bonnier Corporation, Hachette Filipacchi Media, Hearst Magazines, Source Interlink Media, VIV Publishing and Ziff Davis Media.

"Historically, advertisers have loved what magazines provide: big, attractive, full-color ads with fixed placements," said Zinio Chief Marketing Officer, Jeanniey Mullen. "Zinio has created a way to reinvent the full-page spread, digitally and dynamically, with the introduction of ZPAN. Kia Motors' commitment to providing the most innovative reading experience made the company the perfect match for our launch."

A demo of the advertising campaign can be found on the Zinio site.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how the auto rep for Hearst or the other publishers feels about Zinio calling on Kia? Guess the message here is clear: what to sell magazine advertising, don't work for a magazine publisher, work for an ad network. How this helps publishers I do not know.

Jeanniey Mullen said...

Hi Anonymous,

Im the Zinio CMO and happy to chat about this in more detail via email, twitter, empg or phone 973-204-0023.

ZPAN doesnt compete with any magazine, it supplements it. In fact after KIA did thier print buy, they determined what other categories of audiences they would like to reach and worked with us to extend thier reach. It is very complimentary.

Outside of that, regional and smaller titles are very happy to have such high profile advertisers running, in a paid model in thier book.

Our goal is to help advertisers understand the impact of digital magazine ads to the extent that they will value them and when the big guys come calling the advertisers they will be able to leverage the successes to drive even more revenues for thier title, in a way that also drives more success for advertisers.