Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marketers RFPs increasingly include app inventory and capabilities according to AdAge

Nothing spurs action among publishers like the fear of being left off an ad schedule. Need to give away Internet advertising in order to win that quarter page schedule? Done.

But now, according to AdAge, marketers are increasing asking about a publisher's mobile capabilities. Expect this trend to continue. (It should be noted that the article provided no proof of this claim, so at this point all evidence is anecdotal.)

In an article primarily supporting the notion that readers will pay for mobile before paying for online, the author, Nat Ives, talks about how paid apps have already achieved consumer acceptance.  Time Inc,. executive John Squires states "We really believe that it's going to be immersive, it's going to be friendly to brand-building and it's going to have incredible impact against consumers, plus some really great metrics."

But if ad agencies really do begin to regularly include mobile inquiries, the floodgates will be open as publishers rush to make sure they look good on those RFPs.