Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Neal Awards recognizes trade media for mobile efforts: "No award was given in this category"

Random thoughts:

What can I say, it speaks for itself: ABM's 2010 Neal Awards finalists in the category of Best Use of Mobile" reads "No award was given in this category."

In the meantime, I continue to receive January issues of some of the top B2B magazines even though it is now February. One trade magazine arrived today with a 40 page folio (actually 44, they don't count covers) -- not unusual for many magazines except that this is/was considered a heavy hitter in the space. Yesterday I received my copy of Advertising Age, that was interesting, to say the least -- 24 pages.

Last year at this time, as January issues arrived in the mail, I wondered if things could get much worse for print. They didn't, they just continued on in an anemic fashion. Now we are into 2010 and improvement can be seen in some areas -- but only in some. The problem today is that 2009 was hardly a banner year, so improvement might not be good enough. Many publishers were hanging on by their fingernails at the end of '09 hoping that survival would equal success. It's an old story: this is what we do, so either things will improve or we'll close up shop. But, time is running out.