Thursday, February 18, 2010

Notice to RSS subscribers

First, thank you to those subscribing to the TNM RSS feed. I am always pleasantly surprised to see the number of readers who subscribe to this site growing each day. Twitter users, don't forget you can get TNM tweets here. The YoutTube channel for both TNM and the sister site, is here.

Second, you will notice a change starting today, the feed has been shortened.  The reason for this is not to trick you into clicking the links to drive you back to the site, though I suppose there would be good reasons to do that.  No, instead the reason is to improve the look and feel of the new TNM e-newsletter.

Beginning immediately, Talking New Media will be offering an e-mailed newsletter containing all the latest news and views posted here. If I used the entire length of every post subscribers would receive a ridiculously long newsletter in their in-box. Instead, by shortening the RSS feed you will still get the headlines and first paragraphs of each post and can click back to TNM to read the rest of the story.

So I invite readers of this site to subscribe to the new TNM e-newsletter. There is a box in the upper left hand corner where you submit your e-mail address and that's that - the next morning you'll receive your first newsletter.  Each edition contains an "unsubscribe" button, so fear not, you are not making a lifelong commitment to Talking New Media if you choose to subscribe!