Friday, February 12, 2010 signs deals with newspaper publishers to help aggregate and format hyperlocal news announced that it has formed partnerships with some a number of newspaper publishers to supply hyperlocal news services. The company said they have signed deals with The Miami Herald, Dow Jones Local Media Group, New York Post, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and properties of the Tribune Company, including Chicago Tribune, Chicago Breaking News, ChicagoNow, and the Baltimore Sun.

Publishers using the Publishers platform "can create customized and curated hyperlocal news sections, add tagged news maps, and curate the aggregated news feeds to fit their editorial guidelines," according to the company's release.

The company's release explains that they have managed to get over 4,000 bloggers to be part of the network. I tested their site by searching for local news and found news from a number of newspaper sites, though I do not know whether these sites have "opted-in" or are simply having their news aggregated. This will be interesting to follow since aggregating with a third party could lead to competitors feeding each other content -- something that I have no objection to, though I know a lot of newspaper people who would still feel queasy about seeing their competitors content show up on their own hyperlocal news pages.