Wednesday, February 24, 2010

TargetSpot partners with Slacker to stream ads on mobile media; TargetSpot team will sell the spots

TargetSpot Inc. announced the introduction of a new mobile advertising platform, as well as an advertising partnership with Slacker radio. TargetSpot will serve audio advertising to mobile applications on the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

“We believe mobile audio will become one of fastest growing segments in digital advertising,” said Eyal Goldwerger, CEO of TargetSpot. “Google and Apple have made significant investments in mobile display advertising and TargetSpot is committed to bringing to the market the final major missing component - mobile audio ads. Our unique ability to effectively target mobile consumers will be of great value to advertisers.”

TargetSpot started working with Slacker in 2008 to sell Slacker’s audio ad inventor. Eric Ronning and Andy Lipset presumably will head advertising sales. Both joined the company when TargetSpot acquired their advertising sales company in 2008.

Slacker has been busy itself, announcing that it is adding automatic music caching to Android and Blackberry phones, and promises to bring the feature to iPhones and iPod Touchs soon. The feature allows the device to cache music directly on the device, preventing dropouts caused by poor network connections. As cell phones continue to evolve from simple mobile phones to media devices, the poor quality and connection consistency of many networks has caused mobile phone radio users to experience poor performance.