Thursday, March 4, 2010

Andy does the iPad in his own unique way

Andy Ihnatko can write me under the table (my excuse is always "I'm really a publisher, not a writer) but Ihnatko has so far waited to write about his impressions of the new Apple iPad. Today he let loose and it is a great read.

Ihnatko is a big Apple fan (maybe fan is not the right word here), so understand that going in. But his column is a good counterbalance to the flood of anti-anything-Apple posts I've been reading lately.  I posted a few comments here on the column he wrote in January speculating about what Apple's iPad would really be about. Looking back at it I think he was spot on -- especially about how publishers would work with Apple (through the app store, developing their own applications rather than waiting for some sort of publications store to be built within iTunes).

So go to the Sun-Times site and give it a read -- but beware of the typos.
(Hey, Sun-Times editors!)

Below is an interview with Ihnatko produced by Macworld. Ihnatko talks a little about the iPad, but I especially liked the conversation concerning book publishing about two-thirds of the way in.

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