Saturday, March 27, 2010

Apple to announce new mobile ad platform on April 7 Mediapost reports; will iAd be Apple's 'next big thing'?

Mediapost is claiming that Apple will announce its 'next big thing', a new personalized, mobile advertising system. The platform may be called iAd and will be unveiled on April 7 according to the report, four days after the launch of the iPad.

If true, congratulations to Mediapost on the scoop.

According to the report, the advertising platform is being called "revolutionary" and "our next big thing". Mediapost could give few details, and if their sources are correct, I'm sure developers or Apple personnel would be leery about divulging too much. Nonetheless, this move would be logical as Apple acquired mobile advertising company Quattro Wireless at the beginning of the year.

If tablet publishing is to take off, the iPad may need to have its own advertising platform to differentiate it from other forms of web or mobile mediums. Advertising can already be embedded into content through the traditional methods -- web based, app based, etc. But creating interactive advertising that makes iPad publications more valuable that traditional web advertising could spur the growth of the tablet as a platform. It would also, of course, be a profitable new revenue line for Apple.

Leeks concerning the iPad and Apple's mobile advertising plans have been minimal. Both Apple and Google have grown into such giants that few publishers or developers dare break silence. That makes this amusing story suspicious since neither company does anything casually.