Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ESPN interviews Ride BMX editor about the future of print and tablet publishing -- and does a great job, really

This interview with Keith Mulligan, editor of Ride BMX is well worth checking out. One reason this interests me is that the magazine is owned by Bonnier, the folks behind Mag+ (the still below is from the Mag+ demo video found on YouTube).

So what does Mulligan think of Mag+?
"I think it's awesome."

OK, he actually had a lot more to say on the subject, as well as print, Internet publishing, and the like. Here is a brief excerpt:
Mulligan: Making a Web page look like a book page that turns over isn't exciting. And there are probably too many people out there with BMX Web sites trying to do the same things with them, but they fail in a number of ways. Just because you have a Web site, a digital camera, and know how to send and receive e-mails and/or copy and paste doesn't necessarily make you good at producing quality material, or make you important. I'm not sure where to go with this one, but I feel it's important for online sites to have some common sense and ethics along with a variety of skills that show, especially when claiming to be legit media.
The entire piece by Mark Nobel can be found on the ESPN site here.