Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jetcast introduces streaming radio barter program; streaming costs can be reduced through trading inventory

Jetcast has announced today that they are instituting a barter program for Internet radio broadcasters participating in their ReplaceAds program.
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Jetcast introduced their ReplaceAds mobile advertising platform two weeks ago, and according to the company ReplaceAds will have 250 million mobile ad impressions per month to offer advertisers. Now, according to Jetcast, they are offering their customers the ability to cut streaming costs in exchange for a small portion of that space.

“Most stations can be profitable from day one because Jetcast will purchase all of the pre-roll and display inventory generated by the station’s broadcast each month just for using Jetcast products,” said John Williams, CEO of Jetcast. “As we like to say, “If you are paying for your online radio streaming, you are paying too much.”

Jetcast also said that they will allow "any broadcaster to use its barter program to eliminate the expense traditionally associated with high bit rate streams, even if the station uses another provider for its low bit rate streams."