Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mobile media: St. Patrick's Day edition - Irish media prepares for impact of iPhone introduction with Vodafone

Those of us who are U.S. based often accused, with good reason, of being too U.S.-centric when writing about the media world.  Take the iPhone, which has already had a major impact on media in America. Old news, right?

In Ireland, things are a little different simply because Apple first signed its initial carrier agreement with O2 instead of market leader Vodafone. Because the iPhone will now be available through Vodafone, the media market in Ireland is about to be shook up.

"A lot more people in Ireland are going to be using the Apple iPhone after next week when Vodafone makes the device available to its customers," the Irish Times reports. "Until now, the iPhone has been available exclusively on the O2 network, but with Vodafone joining the fray, media companies are ramping up their efforts to grab a slice of the Apple apps action."

In response to the change, newspapers on the Emerald Isle are getting serious about mobile: The Irish Times, for instance, will be launching two apps, one for the newspaper and the other for a weekly entertainment supplement.

“It is essential for newspaper publishers to have an app. The big threat facing publishers is that the functional need of the printed newspaper is being replaced by digital formats," said Paul Farrell, marketing director of The Irish Times.

There is a lesson in there somewhere.

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