Friday, March 12, 2010

Photoblogging Friday - 10

It's Friday and this week Dean Brierly, who helps me with Photoblogging Friday, has brought a little sixties to the site.
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"This is the French pressbook cover for the 1966 eurospy film "Special Mission Lady Chaplin," starring Ken Clark and Daniela Bianchi — the Bond girl in From Russia With Love," writes Dean.

"If Roger Moore and Peter Graves had somehow trumped the laws of nature and produced a love child, it probably would have looked a lot like Clark. Tall and muscular, he radiated manly mojo and looked like he could have kicked Sean Connery’s ass if the occasion ever arose. Even his chest hair looked tough. The athletic actor performed all of his often-dangerous stunts and, perhaps more important, was the undisputed master of the action man stance. With feet planted shoulder-width apart and torso angled slightly forward, his entire body radiated lethal prowess as he dispensed brutal punches and stylish karate chops. Clark looked equally convincing handling a wide variety of firearms and females, projected an engaging cockiness and, topping it off, looked pretty damn suave in a tuxedo."

"This promotional image, and many more like it, can be found at the Facebook page for Dorado Films, a cult DVD label."

(Dean also would like to disclose that he did a little work for Dorado. Dean's own site is Photographers Speak.)

I haven't seen this film but the actor, Ken Clark, starred in a trilogy of spy films playing Secret Agent 077 -- really. His career was a long one, most of it in television. But Clark did appear in the film version of South Pacific playing Stewpot and appearing in the "There is Nothing Like a Dame" scene (where he was dubbed apparently). But the film that I really want to see is his starring role in Attack of the Giant Leeches, which boasts a 2.9 rating on the  IMDB site (ouch).