Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Morning short takes: Reed Elsevier sells off German business unit to EPPG; ogling Google Goggles

Dow Jones is reporting that Reed Elsevier has sold off its German trade publishing arm to European Professional Publishing Group.

Buchreport also reports that the two former managing directors Hans Jürgen Kuntze and André Weijden will remain on board.

RBI-US continues to make news, even as it continues to sell off or close parts of its US operations. Yesterday, Variety, one of the few properties new CEO Erik Engstrom said the company is committed to, announced it had fired long time film critic Todd McCarthy.

Is AT&T crippling their new Android phones as a way at getting back at Google for their stance on net neutrality? It would be an incredibly self-defeating act, if true -- and wouldn't exactly improve AT&T's already dismal customer satisfaction position (worst among US carriers).

Speaking of Google . . . I want this on my iPhone: Google Goggles (linked story is actually about Google Translate, but it refers and links to a Google blog post about Goggles). Unfortunately, it looks like this handy tool that allows users to take pictures of printed text and have instant translations, or take a picture of a landmark and get additional information, will be an Android-only product.  Here is a video that demonstrates the product: