Thursday, April 22, 2010

Amazon blows out its numbers; Kindle Store now has more than 500,000 books; no word on Kindle reader sales

Just yesterday morning I wrote a post where I said that Amazon should thank Apple for saving Kindle. I was referring to the Kindle Store and their new app, not the actual Kindle reader. The reason was simple: Apple's iPad made buying books from Amazon even easier and more enjoyable. Sure Apple's iBooks might sell a few books, but Amazon was quite capable of competing with Apple in book sales, just not in developing hardware.

Well, today Amazon posted their Q1 earnings and it was a blow out. Sales were up 46 percent to $7.13 billion. Net operating income rose 62 percent to $394 million. All-in-all, a fantastic earnings report.

The Kindle app on the iPad

Amazon continues to not report its actual Kindle e-reader sales, though the company was more than happy to brag about the growth of the Kindle Store itself. Amazon now has over 500,000 books available in Kindle editions. The company has also introduced a self-service vehicle so that publishers around the world can upload and make available their books in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian to customers worldwide in the Kindle Store. The Kindle Digital Text Platform previously was worked for English, French and German.

Apple's iPad was introduced on April 3, so any iPad effect will not be learned and reported on until July. But since Amazon does not report Kindle reader sales, the next report will not have to compare Kindle sales to iPad sales. It will be interesting to learn, though, if the iPad has led to an increase in Kindle Store sales of books and periodicals.