Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cibeles Group now with 49 Spanish language news apps in iTunes, many for Editorial América Ibérica

The iTunes store may be one big mess right now, but before Apple gets around to cleaning it up and organizing the place, one can say that it is a true international market.

A quick search for the newest apps for the iPhone show that the Cibeles Group has been busy cornering the Spanish language market for news apps, launching 49 new iPhone apps just this month, many for Editorial América Ibérica, part of Grupo Televisa, S.A. de C.V., the largest media company in Latin America.
Like many other third party app makers, these iPhone apps take a cookie cutter approach, providing basic navigation and little to no customization.

Despite this, Cibeles Group is offering Spanish language customers with a wide range of media products, across international borders.

One of the problems iTunes users have with these third party apps is often learning more about the companies behind the apps, and the apps themselves. Apple provides to links within the iTunes store that developers can use: one for developer support, another for customer support. The obvious way this is supposed to work is that the first link should take the customer to the developer's site, the second to the publication's site. In this particular case, both links go to -- not very helpful. The same, I'm afraid, is true of most third party app developers. (In contrast, the NPR News app breaks out the links differently -- one going to the NPR home page, the other to an NPR News support page for mobile.)