Thursday, April 1, 2010

Did BBC 'accidentally' release an iPad app? App shows up in iTunes, but landing page is offline

Here is a mystery for you. A few days ago the BBC Trust announced that the BBC would hold off on releasing their iPhone apps due to concerns from the UK's newspaper association, the NPA.
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Today, however, the iTunes app store shows that the BBC will have its own iPad app. Here is the link (iTunes link).

Also strange, a search for the "BBC" and "iPad" pulls up this site, a cached page, care of Google. But clicking directly to the page gives you an error message.

Well, in any case, the app store now has an app from the BBC. We'll see if it is still there on Saturday. On the app page in iTunes, the app links to a "support page" -- but really just goes to a "feedback" page,

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At left is the cached page -- at right is where the link currently takes you.