Friday, April 2, 2010

Google acquires online video broadcasting platform; purchase of Episodic a move into live streaming

What a pleasant surprise, writing about something other than the iPad. Of course, it if it's not Apple, it must be about Google.
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Episodic today got to cheerfully announce that they have been acquired by Google (funny how happy people are just after they have just been given millions of dollars). Episodic is a platform for broadcasting live and on-demand video to the web or to web-based mobile devices.

Episodic also has analytics and the ability for broadcasters to monetize their viewers with ads inserted into live streams.

"Episodic and Google share a common vision for video on the Web," the company wrote on its site. "Online video will be ubiquitous, engaging, entertaining, informative and effective. Both teams place value on creating a great experience for viewers and on delivering a powerful and flexible platform for publishers, marketers and advertisers of all kinds. We’re very excited to join the talented team at Google and to continue creating great experiences for viewers and powerful platforms for publishers, marketers, and advertisers."