Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jumptap partners with Medialets and Crisp Wireless to create new mobile ad platform along with new ad formats

Apple may be moving forward with its own iAd mobile ad platform, but that does not mean that other mobile ad platforms are sitting still, or that other networks won't be used on iPhone OS devices.

Jumptap today announced that it has partnered with Medialets and Crisp Wireless to create its own mobile ad platform: Unified Rich Media Ad Platform. According to the company the platform "gives advertisers and publishers a single point from which to run diverse rich media ad units across multiple devices, technology platforms, browsers and publishers -- all from one ad network."

"Advertisers have an opportunity to capitalize on the personal, always-on nature of mobile devices with rich media ad units designed to interact and capture the minds and hearts of its users," said Adam Soroca, Chief Product Officer and General Manager of Jumptap, in a release. "Rich media campaigns are proven to drive higher levels of user engagement, more than any other media, with demonstrated increases in message lift association and higher CTRs."

The new mobile ad platform offers an array of advertising formats from banners and interstitials, to tap-to-video and tap-to-audio. The ad units promise to keep users within the original app, or on the original mobile website.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Two of the new ad formats offered by Jumptap.
Top: Window Shade format. Bottom: the Full Page format.