Thursday, April 29, 2010

Microsoft's Courier tablet turns out to be vapor ware; highly anticipated tablet never had a launch window

Gizmodo, the same folks that brought you the iPhone caper, has confirmed that Microsoft will not be producing their Courier tablet after all.

The Courier was a widely touted, never seen or officially talked about tablet to be produced by Microsoft. The tablet was demoed in animated videos on YouTube but never in the wild, leading some to question the very existence of the project.

As you can see in the video below, the vision for the Courier was very different from the iPad, which specializes in media and games. The Courier, instead, was more of a personal planner that depended on handwriting with a stylus instead of a virtual keyboard.

Yesterday, HP let it slip that it wasn't releasing its Slate anytime soon either. It's possible that HP has decided that if it were going to release a new tablet it might as well use the WebOS it now controls through its acquisition of Palm. But, of course, this kind of a radical course correction -- the Slate was supposed to use Windows -- would mean a significant delay in launching the Slate.