Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Newspapers around the world prep for international iPad release; Brazil news weekly Época launches iPad app

Apple has pushed back the launch date for the EU to late May (pre-orders will be accepted starting on May 10), but this is giving developers a bit of extra time to get their apps tested and submitted to Apple. Working from the old deadlines, however, a few developers have already submitted their apps to Apple and they will start appearing in the iTunes app store. (A visit to the UK iPad section at Apple's website shows the iPad displaying the home page of The Guardian -- the NYT is seen on the US version.)

The Época Digital iPad app. Seen here: a news story with navigation bar on the left. →

One app made its debut in iTunes morning is for Época, a news weekly from São Paulo, Brazil. The Época Digital app takes the RSS reader approach to iPad development rather than attempting to replicate the newspaper experience as the USA Today and New York Times apps attempt. One might expect this from a newspaper that is converting its iPhone app into a universal app -- that is, one that functions natively on both an iPhone and an iPad. But Época app is for the iPad only, so this was an interesting design decision. But the app works well, and if your Portuguese is good (!) I'm sure you'll enjoy the app.

Left to right: Opening splash page; a news story in full view;
the pull down navigation displayed over the story.

Thank you for the comment with video link, Saulo. Here is the video mentioned:

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Anonymous said...

Hello, guys! You can see our demo in this video, that shows the full featured version that we´re developing for Epoca magazine. Hope you enjoy!