Friday, April 2, 2010

NYT used single-sponsor approach for its first iPad app; worked with Medialets to develop 2 new ad units

The New York Times released a press release today announcing the iPad TNM looked at yesterday.
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The "New York Times Editor's Choice" app will feature a single sponsor, the credit card Chase Sapphire. This avoids the whole issue of integrating display ads into the iPad -- at least for the time being.

It buys the Times some time, something they have seemed to desire. The Times announced, for instance, that they would go to a metered system for its web site, but pushed off the implementation of the paywall until later in the year.

"This app provides a great opportunity for advertisers to use the latest digital technologies to reach The New York Times's affluent and loyal readers," said Denise Warren, senior vice president and chief advertising officer in the release. "The Editors' Choice app launches with a full-page vertical and horizontal interstitial ad that provides a large interactive canvas for our advertisers."

The Times worked with Medialets to develop two new ad units which the Times claims will "leverage the creative capabilities of the iPad."