Saturday, April 3, 2010

The obligatory unboxing photos

Unboxing photos are truly dumb. After all, everyone's iPhone, iPad, whatever, looks the same. The iPad I received this afternoon is the same as the next guys, right?
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But it is a tradition, and who am I to go against tradition? So at right is an animated GIF of the unboxing, and below is the final set-up (kind of), all with TNM on Safari, of course.

My next post will look at the New York Times iPad app, but here are some quick impressions:

Fast. It is lightning quick. This is what you would expect from using the iPhone OS as your starting point. Set-up is very easy -- again to be expected. But for computer users who do not have experience with the iPhone this will be a very pleasant surprise. A new user is done with set-up in a couple of minutes and can be online or using apps in a matter of minutes.

This isn't a tech blog so let's do away with any in-depth review. Instead, I would point you to Andy Ihnatko's master review for the Sun-Times. Ihnatko is wildly enthusiastic about the device but acknowledges some of the things critics have said. He loves the iPad as an e-reader and clearly thinks the iPad is the direction personal computing is going.
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Last thought: discussions of the iPad have become almost political. That is, there are those who simply want to hate the device for its supposed shortcomings -- no Flash, closed system, etc. OK, they have some points. But it seems that they now have a vested interest in their position, and they seem to feel a need to defend their turf, no experience with the iPad or other mobile devices not withstanding. What I don't understand is the position some others have taken: media writers who are supposedly covering the mobile media scene but seem to take great pleasure linking to any negative column they can find, even if the column is a silly rant (and there have been plenty of them). Oh well.

But one thing is for sure, if you really don't like mobile media, or talking and reading about tablets, web sites, smart phones from a media perspective . . . what are you doing here?