Friday, April 2, 2010

Photoblogging Friday - 13

Photoblogging Friday will post early today so that I can still post updates, if necessary, concerning iPad newspaper and magazine apps. PbF continues with a photograph our resident photography editor Dean Brierly selected before departing for a trip to Japan. This post should have hit the site two weeks ago but the deaths of photographers Charles Moore and Jim Marshall delayed this post on the work of Jeff Alu.

Dean recently interviewed Alu recently for his Photographer's Speak web site.

Jeff Alu is a freelance digital artist and photographer who spends most of his free time roaming California's desert areas in an open-ended journey of personal and visual exploration. His black-and-white photographs play with lighting, scale and perspective to transform the mundane into something ominous and alien. Visual equilibrium becomes a tenuous concept, as the viewer tends to feel trapped between dimensions of reality and surreality. Yet no matter how unbalanced things become, one is invariably seduced by the dark poetry of Alu’s post-apocalyptic visions.
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Read the entire interview here.