Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vimov estimates size of iPad app market; developer has leading paid weather app in iTunes app store

Vimov, the developer of the Weather HD iPad app, believes Apple has created a billion dollar market for application developers. Their estimates may be high, but Amr Ramadan, general manager at Vimov, writing on the company's blog, backs up their estimates with some internal sales numbers.
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The Weather HD app sells for 99 cents and is a rather pared back app for those looking more for nice wallpapers than in-depth weather information. But the app was downloaded 3500 times on the first day alone. And while sales slowed following the iPad launch, the app is now the number one paid weather app available in the iTunes app store.

Just looking at one day's sales, Vimov estimates that the Top 1000 apps accounted for $372,649 in sales on April 15. For Apple, when gets 30 percent of sales, that's a six figure sales day. Overall, Vimov estimates that at its current sales pace, the overall market being created would equal $136 million in app sales in a year -- at the current level of 500,000 iPads in the field.  Total iPads sales estimates vary widely, but analysts expect sales for 2010 to be between 3 and 7 million units.