Monday, May 10, 2010

Borders accepting pre-orders for its low-priced e-reader; Kobo eReader will be available in stores June 17

While Borders is definitely late to the game of selling their own branded
e-reader, what the Kobo lacks in features it tries to make up for in price point. At only $149, Borders' Kobo undercuts both the Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, both of which sell for $259. The Kobo eReader lacks both WiFi and 3G connectivity, forcing book buyers to download their books via USB.
Nonetheless, for buyers who want a simple e-readers, instead of a (mostly) fully functioning mobile device like the iPad, the Kobo may find a market.

“At $149.99 the Kobo eReader is roughly $100 less than the other eReading devices out there, so it provides a great way to start eReading without breaking the bank," said Michael Serbinis, Kobo CEO. Borders owns a 20 percent stake in the Toronto, Canada based company.

Borders is not putting all its eggs in the Kobo basket, however. Borders will be launching an e-bookstore that will be available on a number of reading devices including the iPad and Sony Reader. The e-bookstore will launch in association with the Kobo rollout.