Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Comcast unveils app that pairs the iPad with cable box; Xfinity Remote prototype demoed at Cable Show 2010

Comcast Labs unveiled a prototype of a web-based remote control that will work through an iPad app at The Cable Show 2010 that opened today in Los Angeles.

(As an aside: as I mentioned yesterday, The Cable Show 2010 has an interactive iPhone app available for attendees -- and others interested -- in the iTunes store. The company behind that app, Core-Apps, also has an app for this week's FMI show in Las Vegas. You can read more about that here.)

Comcast bragged about its new application on its own blog this morning.
The application is simple, easy-to-use and makes it easy to discover content and even chat with friends and share recommendations – making it a truly “social remote,” integrated with existing social networks. It brings PCs and a variety of tablets and smartphones into an immersive video experience together with the TV, finding content in very convenient ways," wrote Sam Schwartz, President, Converged Products.

"It looks particularly great on the iPad because it takes advantage of the rich, graphical user interface. We’ve got developers working now to finish and launch this application," wrote Schwartz.

Below is a video of the prototype posted by Comcast.