Thursday, May 13, 2010

Developing a B2B media mobile strategy? That's great. How about developing web strategy, as well?

For a number of B2B media companies, the opportunity to develop a mobile media strategy may present the company with a perfect opportunity to rethink their web strategy, as well.

Speaking recently with an applications developer, the conversation turned to their relationships with B2B media companies. The developer's impression was that things tended to move rather slowly in the world of print media, and that the chance to work with a mobile developer might just be a chance a start launching new products again.
The ability to launch new apps, almost as fast as they can be developed, is in stark contrast with the way new launches work online at many B2Bs. Tied down by big content management systems, often by agreements with third party hosting and development companies, and by an internal bureaucracy disconnected from publishers and their industries, most B2B publishers have simply given up on new web development altogether.

Launching a new print magazine, of course, can prove to be an expensive and daunting chore. But does launching an experimental website have to be a Sisyphean task?

Because of this, traditional media companies are finding that they lack the skills necessary to survive and thrive in the modern media world: the ability to adapt quickly, launch quickly, fail quickly and ultimately to find new niches quickly.

Developing first mobile media projects, however, is creating a new opportunity to rethink much of the standard operating procedures created recently. For instance, is it better to have the entire sales staff work on selling mobile advertising, or should one or two individuals be assigned the task? should sales be more "sponsorship-like", or pure space sales? should we host and develop everything ourselves, or would a third party respond quicker to our needs?