Thursday, May 27, 2010

E-media company FierceMarkets launches a series of mobile apps: a ton of B2B content for multiple industries

The trade press is largely missing from the growing mobile media market. But FierceMarkets, a B2B e-media company that specializes in e-newsletters, websites, webinars, and live events, has broken from the pack and launched a new mobile app that serves several of its market segments.
The app was developed and launched by Handmark, Inc. and is free-of charge for downloaders. Separate apps are available for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android and iPhone. (The iPhone version can be found in the iTunes app store.)

Since the app offers FierceMarkets content from the telecommunications, life sciences, healthcare, IT, and finance industries, there is a lot of content to be found -- enough, in fact, that it would not have been out-of-line to have charged a small price for the app.
Right now there is one ad spot taken up by an ad for the paid app from Zagat, I assume this is coming from the developer, Handmark, since they are the developer of that app, as well. As a paid app, this ad spot might have to be eliminated, but as a free app there is no reason for readers to complain.

I assume we will eventually see more apps from B2B titles, especially trade magazines. The single-sponsor model works especially well in mobile app launches. Another option is allowing the developers with ad networks to offer the space. The readership of B2B titles is generally a very attractive audience, it's too bad B2B publishers like to keep that a secret.