Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good reviews for updated Zinio iPad app

Late yesterday iPad owners found that an unusually high number of application updates were available for them in iTunes. One of the more significant ones, at least as far as TNM readers would be concerned, was from Zinio.
Reviews of the first version of the digital magazine newsstand app had recommended improvements in three areas: better text resolution when zooming into pages, faster page turning, and insuring that subscriptions created online make their way to the users iPad.

Based on early user feedback it appears that at least the first two things have been accomplished. The third, syncing subscriptions, is something that can't be tested instantly so it will be a matter of time whether the update addresses this issue.

Publishers need to remember that frequent app updates are the norm in mobile app development. Users who download apps know that if there are bugs, or features missing, future updates often address the problems. In other words, frequent updates are not necessarily a sign of poor app development but of responsiveness to customer input. For Zinio, the new update brings the app up to version 1.4.

With this update, it appears that Zinio has significantly improved their app, and will remain the most important magazine app currently available for Apple's tablet.

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