Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google set to introduce 'Smart TV' today at Google I/O

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone back at MacWorld 2007, he proudly proclaimed that "today Apple reinvents the phone". he was right.

But often forgotten when people think back to that famous keynote is that Jobs also introduced the Apple TV, a product that is not even prominently displayed on Apple's store home page. It clearly did not reinvent the TV.

But today Google may make that bold declaration when it rolls out its "Smart TV", a software product that it wants to have built into Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players and set-top cable boxes. Google is partnering with Sony, Intel and Logitech according to an L.A. Times story from earlier this week.

"The revolution we're about to go through is the biggest single change in television since it went color," Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini told analysts earlier.

I have more confidence that Internet connected television will be become broadly accepted than I do 3D TV, but maybe today's presentation at the Moscone Center in San Francisco will reveal more. Stay tuned.

You can follow, somewhat, the goings on at the conference at Google's dedicated website, and at the events official YouTube Channel.