Thursday, May 20, 2010

Half of iPad owners read newspapers on their tablet; 74% of owners say they are 'very satisfied' with their iPad

Two new surveys by ChangeWave Research points to the changing world of e-readers, and how the iPad is being perceived by its owners. It offers good news for Apple, but also good news for publishers or newspapers and magazines looking to break into tablet publishing.

ChangeWave Research's new surveys show a growing demand for the iPad.

The new surveys shows that Apple iPad demand is growing with 20 percent of respondents now stating that they are either very likely, or somewhat likely, to buy an iPad in the future. This is up from 13 percent three months ago.

Sixteen percent of eBook readers surveyed say they now own an iPad. Amazon's Kindle still leads the pack by a wide margin, with 62 percent stating that they own the device. Of course, during ChangeWave Research's last survey of e-readers there were zero owners of iPads (the first survey was conducted in February).

The iPad has dramatically increased the market for newspaper and magazine content for e-readers. →

For publishers there is some good news, as well. The new survey also shows that there is a growing demand of newspaper and magazine content for the e-readers, with survey respondents increasingly seeing their devices as a good way to view that type of material. The view that eBooks are a good fit is essentially unchanged.

Most importantly, iPad owners are far more likely to want to read newspapers and magazines on their devices versus the owners of other devices. Fifty percent of iPad owners say they read newspapers on their tablet, while only 14 percent say they read newspapers on their devices. Magazine content levels are slightly lower, but once again iPad owners are far more likely to be reading magazines on their devices than the owners of other tablets.

The gap between iPad owners and other e-reading devices when it comes to newspaper and magazine content likely disappear once competitive devices that run Android (and possible other) operating systems appear. Thanks to Apple's iTunes app store, though, iPad owners are currently able to download quite a number of news apps that the owners of other devices can not. Until another tablet appears that offers its owners access to a wide range of apps, this gap between iPad owners and owners of other e-readers will continue to grow.