Thursday, May 6, 2010

Morning Briefs: Newsweek on the blocks; crisis in Greece heats up; a big thumbs up for mobile app Dropbox

I wrote a bunch of posts about the news that Newsweek has been put on the blocks by its parent the Washington Post Co. -- each was a bit more bitchy than the next. I deleted them all.

Let me simply say this: Newsweek is a mess -- paidContent's nice 10K review is proof enough; and, who reads these news weeklies anymore?

Nuff said.

Jeffrey Goldberg from The Atlantic writes that if "the Washington Post Company published fifteen magazines, it could float Newsweek. But it doesn't publish 15 magazines." True. But the Post used to publish other magazines as part of group called PostNewsweek Tech Media but sold off that group in 2006. I can tell you from personal experience . . . well, let's just say that it was a mess.

If you haven't been following the crisis in Greece you should be.

Yesterday, the President, Karolos Papoulias, warned that his country is "on the brink of the abyss".

"We are all responsible so that it does not take the step into the void," the president said in a statement according to the BBC. This warning follows several days of violent protests including the setting fire to a bank, killing three employees. The protests are the result of announcement of austerity measures forced on the government as part of a deal to secure new loans.

On Tuesday, stock markets fell in the U.S. and elsewhere as investors feared the debt crisis in Greece would be replicated in other European countries -- in particular, Spain and Portugal.

More newspaper bad news: the Oklahoman announced it will lay off 57 people, or seven percent of the workforce, citing "a struggling advertising environment."

Nick Bilton asks "Has Apple lost its cool?" on his NYT Bits blog. The answer, of course, is yes, Apple is having a PR nightmare of a month.

I downloaded Dropbox the other day and can tell you that it is definitely a worthwhile app if you have an iPhone or iPad (or both). The app allows you to have access to files across devices. Here is a story from about Dropbox and its API.

This seems, however, like the kind of thing that should be built into both the iPhone and iPad. Apple already has MobileMe to assist with some syncing and file storage, but Dropbox is a much more elegant way to handle files across devices.