Friday, May 14, 2010

Times editor announces January date for metered paywall

The New York Times has finally announced when it plans to institute its own version of the website paywall as it announced it will begin charging for articles starting in January of next year.

Executive editor Bill Keller, speaking at the Foreign Press Association Thursday evening made the announcement, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Times plan calls for the paper to construct a "metered paywall" where occasional readers, drawn by search results, and the like can continue to read articles for free. Regular readers who frequent the site often and read multiple articles will be monitored and will be forced to pay some sort of fee once they have reached a certain threshold.

As of today, the Times has not given out information about either the threshold, or the price frequent readers will be forced to play. Then again, there is still a lot of time between today and January, and the Times may still decide to abandon its idea, or else construct a total paywall.