Friday, May 21, 2010

Photoblogging Friday - 20

It is Friday, 'nuff said. What will we remember about this week a year from now: that Google made a whole series of announcements at its Google I/O conference that will have lasting impacts, or that the financial markets continued to collapse due to the weakness of both the European and American economies?

Just last week much of the news centered around the negotiations that followed the contentious British election, with David Cameron of the Tories becoming prime minister of May 11. Dean Brierly, our contributor, and the publisher of the Photographers Speak website, took notice:


 ← David Cameron, leader of
the Tories, and new Prime Minister.
Andrew Winning/AP

This week’s Photoblogging Friday might be titled, with apologies to Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Faces.” In the photo taken on May 13, 2010, new Prime Minister David Cameron leads his first cabinet meeting at No. 10 Downing Street. Note the confidence and enthusiasm (and perhaps a touch of smugness) as Cameron and his ministers contemplate their ascension to power. They seem eager to begin their rule, despite the staggering economic problems facing England. This can’t last.

Gordon Brown, former leader
of the Labour Party:
Martin Argles/Guardian

In stark contrast is this May 12 photo showing outgoing PM Gordon Brown taking the phone call from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg that sealed his resignation. Brown’s placement in the background and the empty chairs in the foreground provide eloquent comment on his political isolation and marginalization.