Monday, May 10, 2010

Reed construction books go to former publishers

As predicted, the RBI assets of the construction magazines will be sold to its former publishers, Tony Mancini and Rick Blesi, Folio: reports.

The new construction group will be published under the newly formed MB Media umbrella. The titles include print magazines Building Design+Construction, Custom Builder, Construction Equipment, Housing Giants, Professional Builder, Professional Remodeler, Construction Bulletin, as well several associated web properties., which got most of Reed's attention when the company was whole, has been retained by RBI. Most of the online properties will need redesign and and reconceptualizing for them to be successful. All the RBI online properties part of this deal are currently offline.

(There are several MB Media properties currently in existence. One in the UK publishes Drummer, billed as the loudest drummer magazine! Another, out of Chico, Calif., is described as a book publisher of transpersonal psychology, new age thought, spiritual exploration titles.)