Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sports Illustrated & The Wonderfactory unveil video of HTML5-based magazine designed for in-browser reading

Terry McDonnell, Sports Illustrated editor, previewed another prototype video as part of the Google I/O 2010 Keynote Presentation today at Moscone Center, San Francisco.

 SI magazine in HTML5.  

This time McDonell's video demonstrated the possibilities of HTML5 which includes CSS animation, embedded fonts (which avoid the browser's default fonts), video and more -- all without the use of Flash -- as seen on a laptop or tablet. The video, which was posted to YouTube today, can be seen below.

The prototype is a collaboration between the magazine, Google and The Wonderfactory. The Wonderfactory worked with both Time magazine and The Weather Channel on their iPad apps (both apps appear under the publisher's names inside iTunes).

The company is also working with WoodWing Software in a joint effort to create a publishing solution that will bring and end-to-end publishing solution to the iPad. The companies have a dedicated website for their joint venture at

Today's new prototype video from Sports Illustrated.

Below is the video that you might say started it all. Posted to YouTube back on December 2, 2009, this video has been viewed 922,266 times as of this post. Beyond creating publicity for The Wonderfactory and Sports Illustrated, the video wetted the appetite of the public for Apple's iPad.

Unfortunately, there is current no SI iPad app, but my guess is that it will just be a matter of time. Unlike Time magazine's iPad app, any sports related app would certainly require embedded video of sports highlights.