Thursday, May 6, 2010

Synapse Multimedia enters the mobile app business for local broadcasters; iPad applications on the horizon

The application development field is getting more crowded as third party developers begin to add iPhone and iPad application development to the list of services they offer. One such company that has started uploading iPhone apps to iTunes for their customers is Shreveport, Louisiana based Synapse Multimedia.
The company, started by Randall and Audrey Ache, works with a variety of customers ranging from Zocolo Neighborhood Eatery, a local Shreveport restaurant, to Arizona broadcaster KVOA. Recently, they started supporting their customers by creating iPhone apps, their first one appearing in December for LEX18, a Central Kentucky NBC affiliate.

As of today, Synapse has five iPhone apps in iTunes, the last four appearing within the past two weeks.

The latest app is for KSBY, the Santa Barbara NBC affiliate. Each app is identical in that it contains the same navigation: Home, Video, News, Weather, and More (which allows for some customization of content). The video is handled directly, that is, not through a service like YouTube.

The next step for Synapse appears to be iPad development. Randall Ache, writing on his company blog, appears to be a fan: "Finally we are starting to see mobile devices that can really change the way users interact with content. The iPhone is a great device, the best for its size but it did not give me the feeling I was interacting with a true digital interactive magazine or website with my hands and the iPad does this well. Over the next couple months I am really looking forward to the new iPad applications that will be coming out."

Ache goes on to say that Synapse has started developing for an app for the iPad that will be able to take advantage of the video content from their CMS.