Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This certainly doesn't help: Flash crashes on Android based Nexus One smartphone during Adobe demo

We try and shy away as much as possible from the whole Apple versus Adobe Flash war, yet seem to return to it over and over again simply because it is constantly in the news and is definitely effecting the way publishers design their web, tablet and mobile offerings.

This blog post caught my attention this morning: Ryan Stewart, a Flash Platform evangelist at Adobe, was demoing Flash during a keynote address at FlashCamp Seattle. The demo proceeded just fine on Stewart's Mac, but things went terribly wrong when Stewart tried to demo the new Flash on his Android-based Nexus One smartphone. It crashed the first time he tried to access the Flash content, then crashed again.

The whole post at Jeff Croft's blog is definitely worth reading if the subject interests you.

What I'm concerned with is the whole question of mobile and tablet development for publishers. Anecdotes like this one simply reinforce the idea that publishers may be wise to stay away from Flash. At the same time, however, the lack of Flash support is seriously holding back iPad app development, and thus is having an impact on the growth of media on the world's only commercially viable tablet. Until new tablets appear on the market, ones capable of properly displaying Flash, publishers will have to develop for the iPad and a Flash-less environment. Adobe is certainly not helping things when they can not prove can support the new mobile operating systems.