Friday, May 28, 2010

Thread 2: International launch of the iPad

A live blog of new media apps and events surrounding today's international launch of Apple's iPad:

Paperlit, a start-up company that has been releasing iPhone apps for Italian newspapers since late last year, has just released its first app for the iPad.
The free news app, for the newspaper EPolis Milano, is a simple flipbook type app with no interactivity. It looks at first glance that the app was a simply optimization of the iPhone app. One additional navigation feature, not seen in the screenshots below is a row of page thumbnails can be pulled up along the bottom of the screen to assist moving from one area of the newspaper to another.

Paperlit is certainly an interesting company. Formed last year by Gionata Mettifogo and Mario Mariani, the company states they are a Menlo Park based company with operations in Cagliari, Italy. All the company's clients, though, are Italian (as you'd expect, I suppose). The company received start-up money from The Net Value, Annapurna Ventures and Zermike Meta Group. Mariani is listed as being the head of biz dev, but he is also the CEO of Tiscali Italia, a telecommunications company also headquartered in Cagliari.

Left: First screen where user picks edition to read; 
Middle: The front page once you have selected the edition; 
Right: an article, in this case, a story on the oil spill in the Gulf.

Paperlit has been developing news apps for the EPolis group from the beginning, so I would expect to see more iPad apps for EPolis newspapers appearing over the next few weeks.

“iPad is for us the best way editorial groups can express their full potential. Contents here become pure emotion involving readers in a brand new way”, said Gionata Mettifogo, founder of Paperlit in a recent release.

Despite this enthusiasm for the tablet format, the app for EPolis Milano is really a flipbook and not a good idea of where the medium is going. Nonetheless, the newspaper from Italy can proudly claim that their product was available on Day One of the iPad's launch.

How is your French? In the first thread I posted a video of an Apple Store opening this morning in Australia. Here is a better video from the Apple Store in Paris, complete with interviews.

In non-iPad related news . . .

NPR did a segment last night about the nasty comments often found on news sites and the actions some publishers are taking.

Another YouTube video, this time from Germany. A translation is below.


Hundreds of thousands of buyers around the world rejoiced today over the Apple iPad. The iPad tablet computer from Apple this morning is also sold in Germany. At 8 clock here opened their shops, before the German Apple stores in Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt were formed long queues.

Example Hamburg: stood in front of the Apple store in Alstertal shopping in the early morning a few hundred iPad buyers.

Frankfurt example: Even before the opening of the Apple store were iPad 200 fans snake.Some had hired, police records, six hours before admission.

Also in Munich, was formed early in the morning, a line of customers to the Apple store in downtown.

Since Thursday single, pre-ordered equipment was delivered. reported today by the launch in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin.

Prices for the iPad in Europe is 500-800 €. In the United States were sold in the first four weeks since the launch in early April more than one million units. The international launch has been postponed by a month because the U.S. demand was so high.

The Statistics Portal Statista expects "for 2010 with the sale of half a million units in Germany until 2012 with two million sold iPad.

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Gionata Mettifogo said...

I liked your article covering our apps. We actually have a range of customers who choose how much the want to enrich their paper editions. If you download La Repubblica+ (one of the top downloaded apps right now) you'll see how the editorial staff is adding videos and image galleries giving you a combination of rich, varies and hand made paper layout and serendipity + the multimedia contents you would expect from the internet. In other words, the best of both worlds.

Gionata Mettifogo
Paperlit Inc.