Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Times-Shamrock Communications goes mobile.; publisher of Scranton Times-Tribune signs deal with DoApp, Inc.

Mobile news app developer DoApp, Inc. has announced that it has reached an agreement to provide application development for Times-Shamrock Communications, the publisher of the Scranton Times-Tribune. The deal involves over 35 daily and weekly newspapers, as well as the radio stations owned by Times-Shamrock in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Nevada.
DoApp's Mobile Local News platforms allows TV news, newspapers, online publications and radio stations to deliver their content via smart phones, including Google's Android and the Apple iPhone, as well as other mobile devices such as the Apple iPad.

"Our partnership with Times-Shamrock Communications continues our reach into local news organizations both large and small," said DoApp CEO, Wade Beavers, in a release. "Mobile Local News is the most popular platform for news outlets. Our focus on ease of use and our consistent addition of new features has made Mobile Local News a best-in-class product."

In an interview with Mark Glaser from Mediashift, Sriver said the time it takes to get an app developed and launched is compressed. "We use what they already have, and it's easy to get up and running. We can usually get their app into the store in 30 days or less -- and usually it's less than 15 days," Sriver said.

Late last month I spoke with DoApp founder Joe Sriver and CEO Wade Beavers about the growth of their company.  The company, they said, has been getting great response from publishers eager to have mobile apps developed.

"People want local content, they want that information, but that app has to provide them what they are looking for," Wade Beavers said at the time. He added that the "average life expectancy of a game is two days . . . while, the average life expectancy of a news application is running in the range of 60 to 90 days."

"It points out that people are looking for local news, and the local news stations and newspapers still have a brand that are of value," founder Joe Sriver added.

Currently DoApp has 130 mobile apps in the iTunes store for its clients, mostly local broadcast news stations, as well as a few newspapers such as the Daily Herald in suburban Chicago, and  The Columbus Dispatch in Ohio.

The company soon hopes to have their first iPad ready as the company is getting plenty of inquiries from their publishing partners, especially those in California. "It's the number one question I get from any new client. Those stations and properties that have our iPhone apps are getting the calls saying 'do you have something for iPad?'" Wade Beavers said.

"Our strategy was we didn't want to develop anything until we had the product in our hand. Now that we've actually touched the product it's opened our eyes to what we could do," said Beavers.


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