Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week in Review

Short reads on a Saturday morning:
• Not much to report this week, other than a near complete meltdown of the financial system. Oh well. If you missed the excitement of Thursday's near collapse of the stock market you can get a feel for the drama with my afternoon post from that day.

• The Washington Post announced that they were putting Newsweek up for sale. You can see a video from "The Daily Show" of an interview with Jon Meacham to the right. (That's → way.)

I wrote several posts this week about the sale and my own experiences with the Washington Post Company, specifically its old PostNewsweek Tech Media division. I deleted them all because I think few people would have believed the crazy stories and would think I made them up. Let's just say that my experiences with the company were enough to make me think that a move to Washington DC would be a very bad idea. In 2006, the Post decided to sell off that division, and now Newsweek is on the blocks. Next should be the Post itself. But I'll leave that subject for another day.

• TNM posted an interview with new Sporting News publisher Jeff Price and his plans for his publication. Price is the former head of digital for Sports Illustrated and now gets a chance to guide the fate of one of the nation's oldest publications.
One of the first changes Price implemented was converting his web-only Sporting News Today daily news product from a free service to a paid subscription. He also brought in digital magazine company Zinio to manage the web product, as well as using Zinio to distribute the product for the iPad (seen here at right).

Some time this summer they will launch a separate dedicated, co-branded app that will be able to take advantage of another of Price's moves -- partnering with CineSport, a syndicated sports video company to bring highlights and team specific multimedia to the Sporting News' electronic media products.

• The week ended with no word from RBI about the fate of the remaining closed B2B magazine -- specifically the remaining construction titles. The thought is that they will also go to the former management teams in an attempt to keep them out of the hands of other, more well funded competitors.

• Speaking of B2Bs: Canon Communications bought a blog. Pharmalot, and more specifically, its owner Ed Silverman, will be joining the trade magazine publisher. Silverman will continue to manage the blog, but will now contribute to the company's other properties as Editor-at-Large, and will be "helping spearhead further development of Canon’s digital assets, including webcasts and podcasts." A good move by Canon Communications parent Apprise Media.